Iptor Acquires Pollex-LC

Acquisition of leading provider of ERP solutions to SMBs also strengthens Iptor’s market presence in Germany and Austria.

Iptor, the leading provider of cloud-based ERP software solutions for the distribution, publishing, pharma, and timber industries today announces the acquisition of POLLEX-LC, a provider of adaptable, flexible ERP software and services to SMBs.

POLLEX-LC’s differentiation comes from the self-service orientation of their ERP suite, which can be easily implemented within 20 days and is supported by excellent customer enabling and training, which avoids lengthy and expensive customization and consulting. Additionally, the ERP suite is perfect for both small and mid-sized customers and is currently in use by customers with between 1 and 300 users.

Iptor and POLLEX-LC will initially drive growth in POLLEX-LC’s existing markets as “POLLEX-LC – an Iptor company”, and then leverage Iptor’s geographic footprint and sales channels to roll-out POLLEX-LC solutions to further European markets and vertical industries. To enable this, Iptor will utilize POLLEX-LC twenty-five plus, existing vertical templates and allow fast, simple deployment in a range of industries. Furthermore, POLLEX-LC will benefit from additional investment and resources, as well as Iptor’s expertise and experience in the development of cloud-based technology. As part of that, the company will become integral part of Iptor’s European organization in the second half of the year – and it’s headquarters in Kematen an der Krems will become Iptor’s competence centre for powerful, self-service oriented solutions for SMB customers in central Europe and beyond.

POLLEX-LC founder and Managing Director Andreas Lexen, who will continue to support and drive the joint growth plans, commented “We are extremely excited to be joining Iptor and setting out on a new phase of growth and evolution. I firmly believe this is the best move for our people and our customers. We have found the ideal partner sharing exactly the same values – especially the most important, which is being close to every single customer.”

Christopher Catterfeld, Managing Partner, Iptor said, “I’d like to welcome Andreas and all of his team to Iptor. Pollex’s self-service solution, coupled with fast implementation and scalability, has been extremely successful. This, and their emphasis on customer service, has built them a loyal customer base. We are very excited about helping to add further value to these customers and setting out on an ambitious growth journey across Europe.”


Iptor is a global leader in enterprise resource planning, supply chain management, planning and logistics software and services. Iptor helps distribution-focused organizations solve their most complex order management and fulfilment challenges within fast-moving, multi-channel and global supply chains, turning them into growth opportunities.

Serving 1,300 customers with 4,100 installation in more than 40 countries, Iptor provides fully integrated enterprise solutions, with highly adaptable and robust software backed by world-class support from distribution and supply chain experts. With its micro-services orientated cloud platforms and the use of smart technologies, Iptor offers compelling value to customers across the Technical Wholesale, Pharma and Publishing sectors. For more information, visit: www.iptor.com

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POLLEX-LC is the ERP software that fully adapts to your needs. And not the other way around. Due to the modular structure and the customizable user interface, our ERP system adapts optimally to the requirements and business processes of your company. The high flexibility ensures future and investment security as well as short introduction times and a very good price-performance ratio.

POLLEX-LC is the right choice for small and medium-sized trading companies with or without their own production. In order to be able to survive in a constantly changing business environment with increasing demands on administration, customer support and flexibility, you need a software system that combines these properties. The POLLEX-LC ERP/CRM/PPS system is the industry-independent platform for your company.